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About Us as an IPA, Independent Professional Advisors, Eugene Ahtirski

Structured Settlement Advisors with experience in this industry since before the state ratified structured settlement protection acts.

Eugene Ahtirski a  Structured Settlement Attorney with experience in this industry since before the state ratified structured settlement protection acts.

We have a network of attorneys and financial experts nationwide to act as your IPA. With our experienced staff to help you through the process, we can help eliminate possible problems before they become problems in your structured settlement transfer.

Structured Settlement Protection Acts have been set up to protect the consumer, if you are selling your structured settlement then you should defiantly have an IPA, review your transfer to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome.


In this website, you will find articles and stories relating to the Transfer of Structured Settlement, from varying points of view. It is our intent to assist people in protection their rights when selling structured settlements. We will also from time to time look at the procedure from the investor standpoint and occasionally from the factoring company aspect.

Being in this industry a long as we have, has given us a unique knowledge base into the world of structured settlement transfers, secondary market annuities, and independent professional advice.Our attorneys have been instrumental in setting up the court processes in several states to conform with the structured settlement protection acts. Also using some of our knowledge of the formation of structured settlement transfers prior to the federal and state protection acts.

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that this group of professionals put together their individual talents together to form the Andres Financial Group/ Eugene Ahtirski and eventually becoming a consumer advocate in the structured settlement transfer industry. Call us toll-Free (85)313-3327 for a free consultation


Structured Settlement Attorney Eugene Ahtirski

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