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Structured Settlement Independent Professional Advisor

Thank you for reading The Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski’s blog, we are a leading firm in the transfer of structured settlement transfers. We try to take a different section of the Secondary Market Annuity and explore it and explain it in more relate-able terms.

Structured Settlement Independent Professional Advisors play an important role in the transfer of Structured Settlement Payments, and turning them into Secondary Market Annuities.

Explained simply, when a person receives a settlement of time it is called a structured settlement, and even though you can not advance or loan against a structured settlement you may sell all or a portion of it. Once the structured settlement payments are sold they become what is known as a secondary market annuity.

The process involved in turning a structured settlement payment stream into a secondary market annuity requires a court approval. It also contains some complex math to calculate the current day value of future payments. This is probably one of the most crucial roles of an structured settlement independent professional advisor, to explain how this math works. Also to ensure that the purchase price is comparable to current market rates.

Some believe the structured settlement independent professional advisor is simply to make sure the best interest of the client is protected, but it goes much further than that; expatiation, comparison, and also to represent the payee in court. Some cases require more than that but that is the minimum of what goes into a case. It would be impossible to go through every aspect of the role of the IPA in a 300 word article, but instead what we will attempt here is to break it down over an ongoing series of articles on this site, and on our main site