Block 9.3  Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights


10136(c)(2) Defined


The Code section in italics, and then we dissect it:


10136(c) The transfer agreement shall be written in at least 12-point type and shall be complete and without blank spaces to be completed after the payee's signature. The transfer agreement shall set forth clear and conspicuously, and in no less than 12-point type, all of the following:


(2) The amounts and due dates of the structured settlement payments to be transferred.


Remember, we have already dissected the 10136(c) section in a previous article titled, "10136(c) The Beginning of a Thirteen (13) Step Subdivision" .


10136 (c)  is stating that somewhere logically, and clearly visible to the payee's eye, the amounts of the structured settlements payments to be transferred to the payee will be stated in the transfer agreement, along with:


(2) the due dates and the amounts to be transferred.


So, the payee can write in their calendar, the due dates, and the transferred amount of money they are to receive, based on what has been stated in the "transfer agreement", after court approval.


The transfer agreement can be WELL over 15 pages, with a lot of different information.  Now the payee KNOWS the information about "amounts of money and due dates" that IS in the transfer agreement, by law.


Look for it.  Find it.  And talk about it with an independent professional adviser to see if it sounds right.

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