Independent Professional Advice

Andres Financial Group recognized as a leader in the structured settlement transfer, secondary market annuity  industry. Providing Independent Professional Advice to sellers and buyers in future payment stream sales. With a unique set of skills matched by no others, and a network of Attorneys and professionals and having thousands of transfers as experience.

Positioned in a unique manor to allow for the maximum benefit for our clients. The Andres Financial Group's courteous staff provides for a simple straight ahead  approach to cutting through the papers and number to provide advice that can be easily digested.

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Independent Professional Advice, almost like having a personal translator. Legalese and financial terms are not standardized English that is taught in school. So having Independent Professional Advice just for translating the financial legal jargon.

You would not perform major surgery on yourself, so why would you go into a financial transaction by yourself?

Andres Financial Group Provides independent Professional Advice along with free consultations. Its as simple as faxing some documents letting us take a look and then deciding if what we tell you we can do in your case make sense for you to hire us or not.

Even if you are a Die Hard D-I-Y type you should read a few of our blogs to help bring you up to seed on the industry. Either here at we have hundreds of articles on the transfer of structured settlements as independent professional advisor, as the transfer attorney, or the factoring company underwriting perspectives.

Checking into the structured settlement protection acts in your particular state is a great place to start when considering selling your structured settlement. Comparing offers is probably the next step before actually signing any documents.