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Tax Resolution Services That Actually Work

  When dealing with tax issues, taxpayers can find themselves in a bind when trying to determine the right agency to help resolve the matter.  How do you know who to trust with your case?  Finding the right tax resolution company is important.  Yo…

Business Tax Planning

You ought to be engaged in business tax planning year-round, not just at the start of the year as you frantically attempt to work out what you may deduct. Business Tax Planning allows better control over the sum of salary and wealth you’ll be able to generate and opens the door […]

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Alexander Tax Defense Can Help with Your Back Taxes

Liability due to back taxes is the number one revenue source for your State as well as for the IRS.  This is how they are able to collect upon your account.  Back taxes are often due to non-filing or under-reporting of income.  One of the ways Alexande…

What You Must Know About Tax Preparation

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Tax Preparation Tax preparation will get a source of inconvenience for you in case you don’t have a structured strategy. When it has to do with tax return preparation, we’re not discussing a life and death situation. Tax return preparation has to be undertaken before […]

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IRS Debt Can Cause Major Problems for Your Case

Lets talk about your IRS Debt. The amount of  you owe to the IRS (your IRS Debt) is an aggregate assessment of liability the Federal Government claims you owe them for all annual periods.  Based on the total amount of liability assessed, the IRS can at…

Working with a Tax Relief Expert Can Change the Outcome of Your Case

    Tax Relief Experts are highly skilled individuals who have a keen understanding of how to help resolve a tax issue effectively. Most Tax Professionals would like to assert that they are a tax relief expert since that is an easy thing to c…

How an Income Tax Lawyer Can Help

  The State, just like the IRS, is interested in collecting any debt they claim you owe them.  If they can, they will pursue aggressive action, which is why it makes sense to have an Income Tax Lawyer helping to protect your case from these Agenci…

Reduce Risk In The Purchase Of A Pre-Owned Annuity

Proper Due Diligence is Critical to Reduce Risk in the Purchase of a Pre-Owned Annuity Pre-owned annuities (also known as a “pre-issued” , “secondary market” or “recycled” annuities) do offer private investors higher…

Why You Should Find Help with Taxes Owed

    Nobody should expect anyone else to fully understand their tax issues.  After all, not everyone is taught or shown how to manage taxes in general academia (this is typically reserved for higher learning institutions which is a pay-to-play…

Tax Preparation

The importance of tax compliance and tax preparation should be emphasized when reviewing your tax profile with any tax professional.  Cardinal Tax Group knows the important questions to ask when reviewing your case:  Do you have all your tax returns on file?  Did you recently change your filing status or dependents? […]

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