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Independent Professional Adviser Interprets Disclosure Statement

Why Did I Get This Disclosure Statement 10 Or More Days Before Im Supposed To Sign The Structured Settlement Transfer Contract

Ever Wonder,  “Why Did I Get this Disclosure Statement “10 or More Days” Before I’m supposed to sign the Structured Settlement Transfer Contract”?  Consumer protection laws make it so the transfer company has to send you the financial information ahead of time along with the information on your consumer rights in this type of business […]

July 10th 2014

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Successful Structured Settlement Transfers in Los Angeles

The Validity of Law is Not Related to Morality Structured Settlement Transfers & Independent Professional Advice

Seller Voluntarily Backs Out of Transfer in San Bernardino

Granted By San Bernardino Superior Court

Total Amount of $208,000.00 Being Sold For Receipt Amount of $4,500.00 Granted by San Bernardino Superior Court May 2014  “Court Finds Allegations in Petition Sufficient and True” The structured settlement payments in this case weren’t supposed to begin until the years 2030-2038, at payments of $2000 for 104 months.  These are life contingency payments with […]

Example of a Violation that Could Deny Your Transfer of Structured Settlement Payment Rights

Courts Give You Another Chance If Violations Are Found When Trying To Transfer Your Structured Settlement Payment Rights

Courts Give You Another Chance if Violations are Found When Trying to Transfer Your Structured Settlement Payment Rights The Majority of Hearings are Approved According to the Office of the Attorney General, most petitions are approved for the transfer of structured settlement payment rights. Back in January 2002 to September 2003, of the 632 petitions […]

Number One Question in LA County When Selling Structured Settlements