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Challenges Posed by Court Procedures for Structured Settlement Transfers


The transfer company has the responsibility of filing, preparing, and presenting the case in court, but you have the responsibility of gathering evidence and answering questions in court.  In recognition of the challenges this can present, the Structured Settlement Protection Act has given you the opportunity to have an attorney at no expense to you for your guidance.


Usually there are costs to petitioners of hiring a structured settlement attorney to represent them in their structured settlement transfers, but not in this situation, where the Structured Settlement Protection Act has covered the cost for you, up to $1,500.


There are standards of evidence which can be confusing, even to the average attorney, and that's why you don't want an average attorney.  You need a structured settlement attorney that specializes in the field of structured settlement law.


The typical person wanting to transfer their structured settlement payment rights usually has no court experience, or of little to speak.


It doesn't matter what age, race and ethnicity, gender, educational background, income, or the type of situation your structured settlement tranfers is:  lack of court experience means you need help with understanding court procedures, what EXACTLY the court looks for with evidence, what the courts don't need, what irritates the courts, what would delay the transfer, what can expedite the transfer, the list goes on.


California courts want you to have a fair and effective court experience during structured settlement transfers.  When you walk in the courtroom represented, the judge knows you did everything in your power to have a fair and effective judicial experience.

Structured Settlement Attorney Eugene Ahtirski 

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