How much does a living trust cost?

It depends on your individual circumstances and the complexity of documentation and planning required to achieve your goals and objectives. The costs may vary from lawyer to lawyer. Generally, the costs will include the lawyer’s charges for discussing your estate plan with you and for preparing a living trust agreement, your will, power of attorney or other necessary legal documents; supervision over their execution; and services or instructions for funding your living trust.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a living trust is a very important part of your estate plan. Avoid being lured by promotions for extremely low-cost living trusts without checking out those who are making the offer.

If you retain a lawyer, you should understand what services are to be provided and how much they will cost. California law generally requires that a lawyer explain, in writing, the nature of the services to be rendered, the cost of those services and the payment terms. Some lawyers charge a flat fee for estate planning services. Others charge on an hourly basis or use a combination of both types of fees.