Block 19.1 Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights


Independent Professional Adviser, Agent, Broker, Consultant:  Who's Got the Consumers Back in the Structured Settlement Transfer Industry?


Your independent professional adviser, and broker or consultant, look out for the consumer.  The agent looks out for the insurance company.

In the insurance world,  the terms "broker/consultant" and "agent" have a legal implication.  "Broker/consultant" means the intermediary looks out for their client (consumer).  "Agent" means the intermediary looks out for their client, the insurance company, and the insurance products.

Independent professional adviser is kind of like the "broker/consultant", except their not in the market to make sure you purchase or sell an annuity for the right price, although a good independent professional adviser will advise towards a marketable price for an annuity.

An independent professional adviser is an intermediary that is a neutral party, hired to "referee" a contract, like a transfer agreement, to see a successful and timely transfer of structured settlement payment rights through to the end for the consumer.

What are your needs?  Find out through exploring with a phone call to an independent professional adviser.