Independent Professional Adviser Wins Higher Settlement Payments

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Do 'ya feel like getting ripped off today?  Well, do 'ya?  You can go to any transfer company you want.  Some take out higher percentage rates from your settlement payments than others.

There's help out there to find out exactly which transfer companies are taking out the lowest percentage rate from your settlement payments today, in your county by calling an independent professional adviser.  You can Googleonline for one who specializes in structured settlement law.

Different transfer companies have different fee structures. Transfer companies that take out business loans for operating costs naturally take more money out of your settlement payments.  These types of transfer companies are struggling to survive.

Big transfer companies with big advertising costs, also take out more money from your settlement payments.

If the transfer company is paying in a high rent district, you can bet, you'll see some of that taken out in their fee for your settlement payments.

It's against the law for the transfer company to recommend attorneys or independent professional advisers for fear these people that come recommended would sway you to that transfer company.

Consumer Protection Laws allow the consumer to spend up to $1,500 on independent professional advice, so the consumer can ask the specialist which transfer company is offering the best price for my payments.  You don't have to get ripped off today, or tomorrow.

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