Missouri Residents:  You are required to receive advice from "Disinterested Counsel"

Below we cite the Missouri code that defines "Disinterested Counsel" and we cite the actual "requirement" code for disinterested counsel during the transfer of your structured settlement payment rights.  Missouri residents do not have a choice,  you must obtain disinterested counsel to transfer your payment rights.  We are a "disinterested counsel".  Read on:

 Structured Settlement Advisor

  • 407.1060(4) "Disinterested Counsel", legal counsel that has no business relationship with any transferee of structured settlement payment rights, will not receive any compensation directly or indirectly from any such transferee in connection with representing the payee, and whose compensation for representing the payee will not be affected by whether the transfer occurs or does not occur;


  • 407.1062(6) The payee has been represented by disinterested counsel in connection with the transfer or the payee understands the nature of the transaction and the economic consequences of the transaction.


Disinterested counsel is the same as "independent professional advisor". We are a nation-wide disinterested counsel that can help you.  Call today for a free consultation.

Missouri advice from Disinterested Counsel

Andres Financial Group, is a highly professional group in Independent Professionals providing advice in the transfer of structured settlements. Associates across the US, with the ability to pool all our resources in your best interest.

IPA services include but are not limited to; best interest advice, fair market analysis, court document review, & court appearance.

We pride ourselves on getting 90% of our cases approved the first time in front of the judge. We do not accept a denial as a possible decision, and will seek to keep the case open should the judge attempt to deny.