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The National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP) was directly involved in getting the secondary market for structured settlement recognized and regulated.  They lobbied hard in Congress to reach a sort of political compromise with the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) who represented the primary market of structured settlements, the traditional structured settlement industry.  Thus was born the enactment of IRC Section 5891, the Federal Code that validates the secondary market.

The political compromise also includes agreement to support a Model State Structured Settlement Protection Act.  In other words it's a template for states to follow when they want to create written law on  how to protect the seller of a structured settlement.  So far 47 states have adopted the template and have put it into law.

So now, NASP Members do not get involved with the sale of structured settlement rights unless it is by the letter of the law; completely legal and ethical.

Eugene Ahtirski Structured Settlement Expert

46883_1327696038Structured Settlement Expert In the area of Transfers of Structured Settlements, it can get complicated quickly, also if a seller or a buyer does not do their research they could lose thousands of dollars.

With the economy that way it is we have found it is better to educate people so that they can make informed decisions.

As a law firm that has done over 8,000 transfers since the implementation of the various structured settlement protection acts, we have been hired as an expert in numerous cases. this is where we base some of our articles from, this vast experience!


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 Expert in Present Day Secondary Market Evaluation of Assets involving Future Payment Streams with an emphasis on Structured Settlement Annuities

Summary and highlights of professional experience:

 Since 1994, Eugene A. Ahtirski has been one of the most active participants in all areas of the secondary “factoring” market pertaining to the purchase, sale and evaluation of future payment streams including, but not limited to, structured settlement payment rights, casino and lottery payouts, as well as entertainment industry residuals (hereinafter “ payment stream”).

Acting in the capacity as an attorney as well as an advisor, consultant, and expert to various “factoring companies”, Mr. Ahtirski is extremely well known for not only his ability to offer a present-day evaluation of an annuity, but also for his ability to obtain the best possible purchase price for a payment stream.

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