New Hampshire Residents:  MuStructured Settlement Advisorst go out of State to Transfer Payment Rights

You may have an opportunity to still transfer structured settlement payment rights even though New Hampshire does not have a Structured Settlement Protection Act.


According to the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, "This state [New Hampshire] does not yet have its own structured settlement transfer law enacted.  People who live there MAY be able to transfer their structured settlement payment rights under the law of the state where the insurance company is based."


There are two insurance companies involved, a Life Insurer and a Casualty Insurer, whose offices may be in multiple states.  Which state do you choose?  Did you know that different states and different counties will offer you a different price on your dollar?


Which state will best protect you and give you the most amount of money for your dollar?


We're a nation-wide independent professional advisor.  Not only can we help locate and contact the insurance companies for you, but we are able to negotiate a better price for your dollar.

New Hampshire Transfer Payment Rights

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Andres Financial Group, is a highly professional group in Independent Professionals providing advice in the transfer of structured settlements. Associates across the US, with the ability to pool all our resources in your best interest.

IPA services include but are not limited to; best interest advice, fair market analysis, court document review, & court appearance.

We pride ourselves on getting 90% of our cases approved the first time in front of the judge. We do not accept a denial as a possible decision, and will seek to keep the case open should the judge attempt to deny.

New Hampshire Transfer Payment Rights