North Carolina Residents:  You must receive independent professional advice

If you are living in North Carolina, and wish to transfer your structured settlement payment rights, you absolutely, must receive the "independent professional advice" as required by law:

Article 44B Structured Settlement Protection Act (SSPA), defines an independent professional adviser:

  • 1-543.11.(3) "Independent professional advice" means advice of an attorney, certified public accountant, actuary, or other licensed or registered professional of financial adviser:
  1. Who is engaged by a payee to render advice concerning the legal, tax, and financial implications of a transfer of structured settlement payment rights;
  2. b. Who is not in any manner affiliated with or compensated by the transferee of such transfer; and
  3. c. Whose compensation for rendering such advice is not affected by whether a transfer occurs or does not occur.


This advice is required per this code in the SSPA:

  • 1-543.12.(4) The payee has received independent professional advice regarding the legal, tax, and financial implications of the transfer.


North Carolina residents don't have an option with receiving independent advice, you must have it.  We're a nation-wide independent professional advisor for the transfer of structured settlement payment rights.

North Carolina Independent Professional Advice

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Andres Financial Group, is a highly professional group in Independent Professionals providing advice in the transfer of structured settlements. Associates across the US, with the ability to pool all our resources in your best interest.

IPA services include but are not limited to; best interest advice, fair market analysis, court document review, & court appearance.

We pride ourselves on getting 90% of our cases approved the first time in front of the judge. We do not accept a denial as a possible decision, and will seek to keep the case open should the judge attempt to deny.