The Number One Question in LA County When Selling Structured Settlements:


Do I have to go to court if I want to transfer my structured settlement in Los Angeles County California?

Yes, but you are not being summoned to court; there are no plaintiffs or defendants; no one is suing anyone; it is a formal court proceeding with a judge and opposing sides present-but no jury.  It is a "hearing".

Who Contacts the Court First to set up the hearing?

The transfer company hand delivers the formal written request to the Court asking for a specific judicial action.  It is a "petition".  The formal phrase is:  "Special Actions Hearing on a Petition".

It's Like Buying a Car

 The concept of the structured-settlement-transfer-agreement-contract is similar to the contract when you buy a car.  Providing for both types of contracts are the Consumer Protection Laws.

Except with the structured-settlement-transfer-agreement-contract, a judge must approve it, AND you have to an adviser, guiding you about the legal, tax, and financial implications of what you are doing.


More stringent Consumer Protection Laws with the sale of Structured Settlements.

Questions like these come up all the time, there are also a lot of questions . It is our job as consumer protection firm to make sure all your questions are answered.

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