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Voluntary Proceedings and Involuntary Proceedings

  Voluntary Proceedings Most bankruptcy petitions are voluntary. Any individual whom is eligible can be a debtor under a chapter.  Said individual may file under it. The debtor does not need to be insolvent, and no minimum debt or number of credit…

What can a living trust do for me?

Working with a Tax Relief Expert Can Change the Outcome of Your Case

    Tax Relief Experts are highly skilled individuals who have a keen understanding of how to help resolve a tax issue effectively. Most Tax Professionals would like to assert that they are a tax relief expert since that is an easy thing to c…

Bankruptcy Administration

  The U.S. Constitution (Article I) gives Congress the exclusive power to establish “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.” The Federal statute is the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978. Significant amendments have b…

Enforcement of a Statutory Lien

A statutory lien is enforceable only to items which the lien is legally attached. Statutes may allow the lienholder to foreclose the lien judicially and sell the property if the owner fails to pay the debt. However, the lienholder must give proper noti…

PG&E files for bankruptcy as California wildfire liabilities loom


  A lien is a legal claim on property, either real or persona, as security for payment or performance of a debt or obligation. There are different type of liens.  The level of severity for each lien is judged by the order of their acquisition. Howeve…

How Good Does Your Independent Professional Adviser Have To Be

How Good Does Your Independent Professional Adviser Have To Be?   What if you found an independent professional adviser that was an attorney with years of experience in the arena of structured settlement law, with a financial background?  We exist…

How an Income Tax Lawyer Can Help

  The State, just like the IRS, is interested in collecting any debt they claim you owe them.  If they can, they will pursue aggressive action, which is why it makes sense to have an Income Tax Lawyer helping to protect your case from these Agenci…

How much does a living trust cost?