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Independent Professional Adviser Agent Broker Consultant

Block 19.1 Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights   Independent Professional Adviser, Agent, Broker, Consultant:  Who’s Got the Consumers Back in the Structured Settlement Transfer Industry?   Your independent professional adviser, and broker or consultant, look out for the consumer.  The agent looks out for the insurance company. In the insurance world,  the […]

Amount Of Structured Settlements In The United States 2014

Block 20.1 Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights Amount of Structured Settlements in the United States 2014 There is no conclusive amount from a public source according to structured settlement experts, because “those involved in settling claims and financing periodic payment arrangements are not required to report the data publicly.”(see italics below) We […]

You Have The Right To Voluntarily Dismiss Your Structured Settlement Transfer

You Have the Right to Voluntarily Dismiss Your Structured Settlement Transfer What’s in it for you?  At no cost to you, if you decide to suddenly “opt-out”, you can.  Put it in writing, with a crayon and toilet paper if you want.  Just get it in writing.  Or, hire an independent professional adviser to protect […]

The Purchase Of A Pre Owned Annuity

What to look out for in the purchase of a Pre-owned annuity A pre-issued annuity also known as a pre-owned annuity or a Secondary Market Annuity is simply an existing annuity that has been already sold by someone else usually for a discounted lump sum. Before a person can purchase a pre-owned annuity, however, a […]

Transferring Your Structured Settlement Payment Rights

By EA Newswire Sept.17, 2014 8:06 p.m. Child Support and Transferring Your Structured Settlement Payment Rights  Worried you’ll get denied if you have child support payments?  As long as the exact (listed below) information about the child support is included in the petition that is provided at the scheduled hearing on the proposed transfer, your […]

What Makes Other Transfer Companies More Desirable

By AFG Newswire Sept. 14, 2014 4:09 p.m. The Great UN-Equalizer:  “Expenses” What Makes Other Transfer Companies More Desirable We know this much:  you’ll be discounted for what your structured settlement payment rights are worth today, according to the “discounted present value” rate. What we don’t know is the percentage rate of all of the […]

Getting Stuck With Recycled Annuities In The Tertiary Market

Getting Stuck With Recycled Annuities in the Tertiary Market   That’s the problem:  chances are you won’t be able to resell the recycled annuity.  You’ve done your due diligence if you haven’t lost any money investing in the payment stream in the first place, count your blessings. Recycled annuities aren’t all that bad, or are […]

Recycled Annuities

As a Structured Settlement Expert we have to keep on all news pertaining to our field, this is a Wall Street Journal article we found regarding Pre Issued Annuities, also known as Secondary Market Annuities, Pre Owned Annuities, or most recently; Recycled Annuities. After reading this article you may find that this is something you […]

Transfer Companies Conducts Background Checks During Purchases Of Structured Settlements Payment Rights

Once you sign the contract, you will be giving the transfer company permission to conduct a background check.  This is standard operating procedure for the transfer company. The transfer company will check:  credit bureaus.  By checking credit bureaus, the transfer company can glean information such as your legal residence, contact information and whatever else they […]

Sell Your Structured Settlement To Beat Felony

Felony Convictions, and Need to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payment Rights?  Not a Problem Talk to Your Free Independent Professional Adviser   Courts have approved structured settlement transfers for indicted/convicted felons on a case by case basis.  Courts perform a best/worst case-outcome-analysis for the person in question. The person can sell their structured settlement payment […]