Recovering Lost Settlement Paperwork:  Learn how to find lost paperwork!

According to the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA), if you've lost your structured settlement paperwork:  not to worry!

"Normally, if you have misplaced your paperwork, a copy can be obtained from a variety of sources.  Contact the company that is responsible for administering your payments, your attorney, the company that settled your case, or the broker that assisted you with the structured settlement during the settlement."

If you cannot locate the paperwork, contact an independent professional advisor.  We can help you accommodate the courts in other means to move forward with your transfer.  There may be alternatives in providing the courts with what they need.

You will need the paperwork and/or some type of documentation from the underlying structured settlement if you want to transfer your structured settlement payment rights.  The court needs to determine when your original settlement was completed, whether or not the future payments were intended for future medical care and treatment for you and whether or not you still need that future medical care and treatment. [CA Ins. Code 10139.5(b)(5)]

It is possible you don't need the anticipated future medical care and treatment, but the court needs to decide that for themselves.

We are professionals in the field that can help you locate your paperwork and move forward with your future goals to get control of your money.

Recovering Lost Settlement Paperwork