San Bernardino County:  6 Structured Settlement Transfers Granted in Superior Court June 2014

 6 Out of 6 Granted

For the month of June 2014 San Bernardino County Superior Court will hear 11,848 civil cases.  6 of those cases were petitions for approval of "transfers of structured settlement payment rights", and they were granted on an average of 45-60 days; one was 90 days.

The 7th Case is Still Pending

Why?  The person is in surgery and could not make the hearing date.  Their independent professional adviser showed up in court on their behalf, and the person in surgery called the court by phone, and the judge issued a "continuance".  The hearing was continued.  The petition is not denied.

6 Cases Had One Element in Common:

After the judge had personally interviewed each person trying to sell their payments, the judge found they understood what they were getting into.  In the exact words of the court:  "The court finds he/she is making an informed decision and understands the terms and consequences of entering this contract."  There are multiple reasons for a successful transfer in court; this is a big one.

Advisers for You, the Consumer

Transfer companies offer comprehensive education on what you are getting into, but they might not offer a competitive price for your payments; it is not in their best interest.  An adviser, an independent professional adviser, can help you make an informed decision, and help you get the best penny on your dollar, which equals out to be thousands of dollars MORE, for you.  You get one shot.  Make it a good one.