Felony Convictions, and Need to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payment Rights?  Not a Problem

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Courts have approved structured settlement transfers for indicted/convicted felons on a case by case basis.  Courts perform a best/worst case-outcome-analysis for the person in question.

The person can sell their structured settlement payment rights to post bail, and pay for their legal defense, and to fund living expenses, but chances are the courts won't allow the person to sell all of the payment rights, maybe some.

If the person can work, despite the personal injury, with a felony conviction the courts know employment prospects are dim, coupled with the precarious state of the job market.  The courts also consider the persons desire and ability to save and budget his/her money so that it will last him/her until they are able to support themselves without it.

What could possibly prevent your transfer of payment rights to go through:

1.      Back Taxes

2.      Court Obligations

3.      Court Liens

4.      Bankruptcy

This is NOT a complete list.  Please contact an attorney or an independent professional adviser for a complete list.

Court ordered probation restitution cannot be garnished to an annuity either.

Surprisingly courts are sympathetic to people dealing with felonies.  Don't give up, be smart; call an attorney who specializes in structured settlement law:  an independent professional adviser who can answer all of your questions confidentially.   You might be surprised at what you find out.