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 Southern California Structured Settlement Transfers

eFiling Speeds Up Court Time for Structured Settlement Transfer Cases-But Not By Much   If you haven't noticed, the Courts are overwhelmed with cases and paperwork, statewide.  Electronic filing saves the courts time and saves petitioners and attorneys time and paperwork.   The job of filing court documents belongs to the transfer company.  So why would the seller of structured settlement payment rights need to worry whether a Superior Court mandates eFiling or not?

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If there is mandatory eFiling in your county, submitting the legal documents through eFiling will be quicker.  Be forewarned.  Have your documents ready.  Have your mind made up if you want to sell your payment rights, because chances are there won't be a lot of time to think about it and to dig out that annuity contract that's buried in your attic somewhere.   A good strategy is to meet with an independent professional adviser before hand, so you do not feel railroaded into signing any disclosure statements and contracts because of the swift pace of "eFiling".  The independent professional adviser can explain how inflation reduces the value of your payment rights, any tax implications you might face, and if you have personal financial struggles that could effect the outcome of your lump sum, the independent professional adviser can alert you to potential pit falls.  The transfer company does have attorneys that act on your behalf, but not for this purpose. Southern California Structured Settlement Transfers by county: Orange County Superior Court has mandatory "eFiling" for structured settlement transfer cases (general civil), amongst many other types of cases.  Filing can take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This saves a lot of time and your case, if routine, could take 30-45 +/- days.   Los Angeles County Superior Court does not have mandatory eFiling for general civil cases.  They do offer "eCourt Online" for small claims court only.  For petitions to LA Superior Court, your case could take longer because they are backlogged, 45-90 days +/-.   San Bernardino County Superior Court does offer General Civil online preparation and filing through "TurboCourt", their eFiling system.  It is not mandatory, and not all documents are submitted online.  Your case can be quicker, 30-60 +/- days.   Riverside County Superior Court has a "Electronic Fax Filing" or "e-Fax" for a lot of money per document; anywhere from $140-$255-$450.  The "e-Fax" is not mandatory.  30-90 +/- days for a routine structured settlement transfer case to go through in Riverside County.

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