What California Doesn't Regulate in the Structured Settlement Disclosure California Structured Settlement ExpertStatement

But Your Independent Professional Adviser Can

 The price.  California legislature oversees the entire disclosure statement:  the format, the size of the font, what should be said, the calculations that should be revealed to the consumer, the how, what and why.  Everything but what the cut will be for the transfer company.

The price the transfer company decides to buy your structured settlement payment rights is totally up for grabs.  It's private business.  It's like buying a car at this point.  The California legislature, the courts can help you, and protect you up to a certain point.

As far as the price goes, you're on your own; unless you hire an independent professional adviser that can shop around for the best price for you.

Did you know that the disclosure statement is telling you what the transfer company is OFFERING you for a price for your payment rights?  This is their offer.

Did you know that there are hundreds of OTHER transfer companies that offer competitive prices for your payment rights?

Did you know that you have bargaining power?  Maybe you personally wouldn't, but a perceptive independent professional adviser that knows the attorneys of the transfer companies would have bargaining power on your behalf.

You don't have to rush into this.  Even though you might feel desperate.  Think twice and call an independent professional adviser.