When looking for a structured settlement expert online, it is easy to get over whelmed by all the different structured settlement expert directories. You can look on the state bar website, lawyers.com, or any number of private structured settlement directories. All are valuable resources in the search for an expert to assist you in your transaction. But you have to be careful as we mentioned in a previous article there are many types of lawyers, and many types of structured settlement experts. Most Structured Settlement Experts, are experts in the setting up and implementing a structured settlement as a result of a accident case.

If your case is involving the buying a secondary market annuity, selling a structured settlement, or transferring of a structured settlement then these attorneys may not be as qualified as an attorney who specializes in Buying, selling, or transferring structured settlements.

Asking how questions like:

How many purchases of secondary market annuities have you done?

What states do you actively do transfers of structured settlements?

When was the last time you acted as an Independent Professional Advisor for a structured settlement transfer?

Acting as a Structured Settlement Expert, in any of the areas of a structured settlement purchase or sale takes specialized knowledge.


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