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Structured Settlement Lawyer

Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights

Most Misunderstood Courthouse Terms, R-V

Remand – Return the defendant to custody to await further action.

Satisfaction of Judgment – The discharge of an obligation by a paying party what is awarded to him, by the judgment of a court or otherwise.

Stay – The act of stopping a proceeding by a court order.

Stipulation – An agreement between the parties or their atttorneys.

Summary Judgment – When the judge decides a case without going to trial.  The decision is based on the papers filed by both parties.

Transcript – The official record of proceedings in court, taken verbatim by the court reporter, and then transcribed into booklet form upon request or order of the court.

Unlawful Detainer – The process to force someone to move out of your property; eviction.

Verdict – The jury’s final decision  In criminal cases, the verdict must be unanimous in favor of conviction (guilty) or acquittal (not guilty).  In civil cases, the verdict must be at least 9-3 in order to convict or acquit the defendant.

Voir Dire – (Vwaa-deer) – Prospective jurors are questioned by the court and counsel to determine their qualifications to act ass fair and impartial jurors.  (From the French: “to see, to speak”)

Courtesy of Los Angeles Superior Court 2014

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