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Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights
Most Misunderstood Courthouse Terms M-O

Manslaughter –  Involuntary – The unintentional taking of human life as a result of performing an unlawful act or in negligently performing a lawful act

Manslaughter Voluntary – The unlawful taking of human life under circumstances short of premeditated intent to kill

Minute Order  – A memorandum of the orders and proceedings of the court made by the clerk and maintained as the official record of a proceeding

Misdemeanor – Crime punishable by a maximum $1,000 fine, and or a maximum of one year in county jail

Mistrial – A trial which is terminate before a verdict is reached either because of some extraordinary circumstance, fundamental error prejudicial to the defendant, or hung jury

Motion in Limine – (Li’-mi’-nee) –  A motion heard immediately before trial requesting that the court exclude certain evidence that prejudice the jury

Murder – The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought either expressed or implied.

Nunc Pro Tunc – A Latin phrase meaning “now for then”.  Usually used to reflect changes to a minute order done afar the time it was completed with retroactive effect commonly used to correct minor errors

Opening Statement – At the commencement of trial, the parties of their attorneys provide a picture of that they believe their evidence will show.

Order to Show Cause (OSC) – A notice of motion to someone to appear at a stated time and place and show cause why the motion should not be granted.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Superior Court 2014

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