Here is another article that we found that give credence to the need for a Structured Settlement Attorney, to act as your Independent Professional Advisor when you are selling a structured settlement 10 Things We Learned About The Structured Settlement Purchase Industry By Ashlee Kieler August 28, 2015 Report after report finds that payday lenders, auto title loan firms and pension advance operations unfairly target vulnerable consumers with high fees and questionable terms, but a new investigative piece from The Washington Post shows that are some lesser-known, but very lucrative players offering quick cash to vulnerable consumers: structured settlement purchasing companies. […]

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Structured Settlement Expert

Structured Settlement Expert In the area of Transfers of Structured Settlements, it can get complicated quickly, also if a seller or a buyer does not do their research they could lose thousands of dollars.

With the economy that way it is we have found it is better to educate people so that they can make informed decisions.

As a law firm that has done over 8,000 transfers since the implementation of the various structured settlement protection acts, we have been hired as an expert in numerous cases. this is where we base some of our articles from, this vast experience!


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