By AFG Newswire Sept. 17, 2014 9:08 p.m.

Still Need Your Structured Settlement for the Future; Yet Trying to Sell?

 If you are in this position, the best advice is to hire an experienced independent professional adviser in the structured settlement industry, put all your cards on the table with them, and let them give you their professional opinion on what your possibilities are.

The structured settlement law looks out for the best interest of the payee.  A specific section instructs the judge to assess whether or not you still need the future payments for medical or living expenses.

The section in the code is simple to read:

10139.5(b)(6) "Whether, when the settlement was completed, the future periodic payments that are the subject of the proposed transfer were intended to provide for the necessary living expenses of the payee and whether the payee still needs the future structured settlement payments to pay for future necessary living expenses".

The judge must find that you do not need your future payments for future necessary living expenses.

If you have any question at all about this in your mind, you should consult a professional and see where you stand.

Structured Settlement Trying to Sell? Getting a second opinion is easier than you think, contact an Independent Professional Advisor

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