What Makes Successful Structured Settlement Transfers in Los Angeles Superior Court


For Successful Structured Settlement Transfers in Los Angeles:

Be Prepared for Your Interview with the Judge

The types of questions the judge may ask you:

  1. Have you provided a declaration for the transfer company?  This is a financial income, and outgoing and asset report; spousal income, and outgoing, and asset report, currently and in the future.  DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS.
  2. The court will see if you appear to understand the terms of the transaction.
  3. Have you received, read, and understood the disclosure agreement?
  4. How old are you?  Are you married?  Do you have children?
  5.  Are you a student?  Are you employed?
  6. Have you ever attempted to sell any portion of the payment?
  7. What are you intending to use the money for?
  8. Were the payments intended for medical care or living expenses?


The judge is looking to see if you have an independent professional adviser.  If you don't, they want to see your "waiver" or the document that states you are "waiving your right to have one"; plus documents on your dependents if applicable.


The Judge Looks for Compliance by the Transfer Company

The transfer company has a lot of responsibility to make a successful transfer happen.  They need to get the disclosure statement to you ten or MORE days before you SIGN and COMPLETE that disclosure agreement.  The transfer agreement can't have any other language in it that changes the intent of the law, if it does, the case will be thrown out.


Successful Structured Settlement Transfers in Los Angeles, can also be done with the use of an Independent Professional Advisor.