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Selling Your Structured Settlement in California


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Using a Primary Market Annuity funds to fund a Secondary market?

Court appointed Guardians Ad Litem Are Not Independent Professional Advisors; 

From time to time we run across articles that we believe are well written, and not just for advertisement. When we do find such articles we like to share them with our readers. this is one of those articles we found, written by an attorney, and seems to be on the mark when it comes to talking about independent professional advice. Guardians Ad Litem Are Not Independent Professional Advisors The sale of a structured settlement to a factoring company will involve a court proceeding. I […]

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Using A Structured Settlement as Collateral for a Bank Loan

Using Your Structured Settlement as Collateral for a Bank Loan According to the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) “Normally, you may not use your structured settlement payments as collateral for a loan.  The reason is that the federal law designed to provide these benefits to you on an income tax-free basis also prohibits you from assigning or encumbering them”. The National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP) states, “That is an option, if you have good credit and are willing to take on additional debt.”  The NASP also adds, “Unfortunately, few banks will take your payments as collateral.  That is […]

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Structured Settlement Lawyer

Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights Most Misunderstood Courthouse Terms, R-V Remand – Return the defendant to custody to await further action. Satisfaction of Judgment – The discharge of an obligation by a paying party what is awarded to him, by the judgment of a court or otherwise. Stay – The act of stopping a proceeding by a court order. Stipulation – An agreement between the parties or their atttorneys. Summary Judgment – When the judge decides a case without going to tria […]

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