The importance of tax compliance and tax preparation should be emphasized when reviewing your tax profile with any tax professional.  Cardinal Tax Group knows the important questions to ask when reviewing your case:  Do you have all your tax returns on file?  Did you recently change your filing status or dependents? Were there any major changes to your income from year to year?  These can all help determine how to best prepare your returns to maximize your tax benefits.

Tax Preparation

Cardinal Tax Group has helped many taxpayers with tax preparation and of their returns.  We have experience with what to do if you undergo some major life changes, such as divorce, bankruptcy, moving residence or your job, etc; There is nothing we have not seen.  We will apply our expertise and experience toward the preparation of your returns to ensure you are presented in the best light possible to the IRS or State.

Cardinal Tax Group specializes in Tax Preparation services, Tax Resolution services, Tax Court Petition, and Wealth Management.  We have over one hundred years of combined experience at helping the public with their tax and wealth management needs.  Our team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, Case Managers, and Wealth Management Advisors are here to help you maximize your capital and eliminate any issues with the IRS or State.

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