Block 11.1 Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights

10136(c)(9) The Aggregate Amount Divided by the Discounted Present Value


Except to really confuse you, (9) calls the "Aggregate" amount that we talked about in article 9.4, "the net payment amount".  Possibly because at this point in all of the calculations the "amount" is "net" since the transfer company has taken the "aggregate" amount and gone forth with the calculation(s) and because of the passage of time, what was "aggregate", has now become "net".


Remember, that aggregate or net amount means all of the approved "expenses" and private industry percentage that "matches" the federal rate, or "discounted present value rate" that the transfer company puts on YOUR money in addition to the federal rate.


10136(c)(9) states, " The quotient (expressed as a percentage) obtained by dividing the net payment amount by the discounted present value of the payments."


Quotient means the result obtained by dividing that aggregate or net amount by the discounted present value.  The result is represented by a percentage.


For your information, it is THAT percentage that is applied to your structured settlement total that will determine EXACTLY how much money you will receive in the end.


An independent professional adviser well versed in this industry knows all too well about these calculations.  Call today for a consultation.