Even more reason to get an adviser that is an attorney, not just a licensed professional.  The law requires you to get an independent professional adviser anyway when selling your structured settlement.

If your case is an open civil case:  The transfer company is not going to take any money out of the sale of your structured settlement if you owe money in a lawsuit.  The contract is separate and your adviser is there to protect you along with the Consumer Protection Laws.  Just seek out an adviser and ask about procedures.

If your case is an open criminal case:  This is where your adviser, the attorney guides you and protects you on a case-by-case basis.  Just because you have an open criminal case does not prevent you from moving forward with the sale of your structured settlement.  Please consult your nearest independent professional adviser who is an attorney.

What if I have warrants in LA County?  It depends on what the warrants are for.  You can work through warrants, and still be able to sell your structured settlement!  It helps if you have an adviser that is an attorney.  You might be surprised how quickly you can wade through the paperwork with your adviser.

It is not against the law to be a participant in a "special actions hearing on a petition" with a transfer company if you have an "open-case" with the Court System.