Ever Wonder,  "Why Did I Get this Disclosure Statement "10 or More Days" Before I'm supposed to sign the Structured Settlement Transfer Contract"?

 Consumer protection laws make it so the transfer company has to send you the financial information ahead of time along with the information on your consumer rights in this type of business deal before you get the transfer agreement contract.  Consumer protection laws also give you an amount of time to seek an independent professional adviser, at no cost to you, to help protect you from any unfair acts.

That amount of time is "10 or more days".  We have seen cases denied because the consumer, or seller did not receive the disclosure statement "10 or more days" before they signed the contract.  That seller received the disclosure statement 9 days before she signed the contract.  Her case was denied.

If you had "10 or more days" to consider an offer, like buying a car, you could call up an independent professional adviser, and ask some questions.  Just like you would call up a mechanic about buying a particular model of car.

You might bring the mechanic to the car you're interested in buying so they could check out the engine and chassis.  Just like you might visit an independent professional adviser to talk about your situation.  They could help you understand what the disclosure statement is telling you, how low the offer is, are there are better offers, what other types of evidence would you need for court?

What about questions you may have about your past?  Do you have dependents?  Any felonies?  Child support payments?  Wage garnishments?  Past personal injury claims?  An independent professional adviser can listen and answer your questions confidentially.

Independent professional advisers come in all shapes and sizes.  We hear the above-mentioned questions all the time.  Having a litigating attorney with background in structured settlement law, criminal law, personal injury law, consumer protection law, financial law would be beneficial.  Keep your eyes peeled.