Frequently Asked Trust Questions

  • what is a trust ? = A trust is a document that allows Final wishes and Distributions after death to be completed without a public hearing, while still retaining control prior to death.
  • Does a person need a will and a trust? = Most Trusts come with a pour over will, which allows any new assets or forgotten assets to be automatically put into the trust prior to distribution.
  • How would The money in trust account would work ? = It would work as any other account, accessible by the trustee(s) named in the trust.
  • Can you set up a trust for child ? = Yes and even include special instruction as to when and how assets can be distributed.
  • What is a living trust ? = A document that allows for final wishes, and disbursements to be done in a more private manor than a public probate, while being able to maintain control of assets while living.
  • What is a trust fund? it is simply an income source that is controlled by a trust and dispersed as set fourth in the trust.
  • is a trust the same as a will? = No a will has to go through probate, and typically does not have Health care directives, and such.
  • Living trust what’s the difference? Living Trust or Living Will is a revocable living trust, can be changed while members are still alive. A Irrevocable Trust is unchangeable.
  • Living will or a trust ? = In California they re the same, a revocable trust.
  • With a house and joint tennessee does a living trust have to have it replaced with something else ? Typically the property would be deeded to the trust and the trust would dictate the ownership interests.
  • Living trust wills state of california?= Is a revocable Trust that can be changed until the time it becomes Irrevocable as dictated in the trust.
  • Is living trust that you can do yourself ? = If you are familiar with the terminology, and the requirements yes, there are also online sources to get a preformed trust. Although they may not be as effective as a personal Trust.

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Frequently Asked Trust Questions

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