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Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

  • How much to file bankruptcy chapter 7? = $306
  • Debt negotiator lawyer california? = Yes we do
  • Average credit score after chapter 7? = Depends but they typically go up do to the change in debt to income ratio.
  • Bankruptcy attorneys in bakersfield ca?= Contact us we have Associates all over California
  • Benefits of bankruptcy?=Elimination of debt, a fresh start, end creditor harassment.
  • Can you put your cars in bankruptcy? = Yes
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy ? = A liquidation of debt.
  • Does bankruptcy garnish wages ? = Typically No, it is used to stop garnishment.
  • How often can you do bankruptcy ? = Once every 7 years usually.
  • What do you need for a bankruptcy chapter 7 = ID, Social Security Card, 2 years tax returns, 6 months bank statements, income verification.
  • What is bankruptcy good for ? = Clearing up debt that you would otherwise be unable to payoff.
  • How to write a settlement letter ?= consult an Attorney
  • How’s the best way to handle a bad debt lawsuit ? = Contact an attorney to review options.

Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

  • Can a court require selling your house in bankruptcy if you have equity? = Yes
  • How does debt consolidation affect my credit score? = your credit score goes down, due to letting bills go delinquent, then depending on the negotiation of pay off it may or may not be stricken from report.

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