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providing Independent Professional Advice in the Transfer of Structured Settlement Payment Rights. Representing the best interest of the payee in accordance to the Structured Settlement Protection Acts, both federally and at the state level. Making structured settlement independent professional advice easily accessible and easy to understand.

If you are in the process of selling your structured settlement or thinking about selling your structured settlement payments. Then it is in your best interest to contact an Independent Professional Advisor as soon as you can. This will help to ensure your transfer goes smoothly, and avoid possible delays, that could prove very costly.


Structured Settlement independent professional advice

Independent Professional Advisor



Structured Settlement Transfers are a court process to liquidate a structured settlement paid over time, selling future payment streams for a discounted present day value. These transactions then create what are called secondary market annuities, whic can be bought and sold as investments.

The courts main purpose in these transactions is to ensure the best interest of the seller, and to also insure against fraud as a secondary role.

There are many companies that buy structured settlements, known as factoring companies. Some are fair and some have an overhead they must cover so the same deal could have many varying price quote, based on the purchasers cost of money.

Most people work for their money so cost of money makes no sense, you give someone you time and they give you money. But when you are dealing with investments typically people give you money and expect a return on their money there by producing a cost of money. So if the person giving the company expects 8% return on their money and the company has an overhead that requires they get 4% on the money, then have to pay brokers another 2%, with a profit margin of 4% to  have something to show for it. You end up with 16% costs being passed on to the seller. 15-17% typically being considered safe to the court means anything more the courts would question and possibly deny.

I know it’s starts getting confusing at this point for the courts, the sellers and even the investors; but fortunately for everyone the laws areset up for the independent professional advisor, who can make sense out of this complex series math problems.

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