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Structured Settlement independent professional advisors

Structured Settlement Transfers can be be confusing and sound really complicated. Sometimes it is good to get an outside view, there are independent professional advisors that can help you with that. Here we have collected various articles that may help you through the process.

In all states allowing the Transfer of Structured Settlements is a structured settlement protection act, which is based off of the federal structured settlement protection act. This is a consumer protection act that is to protect the consumer or the seller. Some of these State Laws actually provide for the payment of an Independent Professional Advisor.

Most Funding Companies buying structured settlements have a form allowing you to wave your right to independent professional advice. These same purchasers of structured settlement payments are in a quandary as to whether using a IPA is a good thing or a bad thing, as it typically costs them more money, but also they are realizing that the judges are postponing signing the order approving  the transfer until they obtain an independent professional advisor review.

AFG Provides that independent professional advice. Maintaining a database of court requirements, and with a unique insight to the transfer process that can only be obtained by having associates that have been directly involved in  structured settlement transfers since before the implementation of the federal and state protection acts.

Judges,and  factoring companies have sent clients to us, with confidence that we would look after the best interest of the  payee.

Structured Settlement Advisor


AFG is a DBA of The Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski