The Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski  Independent Professional providing advice in the transfer of structured settlements.

IPA services include but are not limited to; best interest advice, fair market analysis, court document review, & court appearance.

We pride ourselves on getting 90% of our cases approved the first time in front of the judge. We do not accept a denial as a possible decision, and will seek to keep the case open should the judge attempt to deny.

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There are 10 States that require Independent Professional Advice. Approximately half of the other States require notice of the right to obtain Independent Professional Advice. The rest mention your right for independent professional advice.

It is part of the global consumer protection aspect of the structured settlement protection acts. With none stating how to obtain IPA services. They do in fact tell you how you may not receive an IPA, through the purchase.

Which then leaves the payee to fend for themselves in finding an IPA, it’s not like you can open the yellow pages and find one. Or even what to search for on the internet to find one. Especially since the minute you type in the structured settlement you end up with a list of companies trying to buy structured settlements.

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