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Living Trust

Also referred to as a Revocable Trust. Rest assured that your assets will be handled the way you wish. Distribution of money and property, handled seamlessly without going through probate court. Complete privacy for your heirs. Handle those awards questions of who gets the house? Who gets that favorite piece of jewelry.Who gets the Classic Car in the garage. Who gets nothing?

Health Care Directive

Do you want to be hooked up to a machine? What do you want should you be incapacitated? Who do you want to handle your affairs? Who has the right to speak on your behalf? Who is in charge of your bills? These are all things to be considered and are not as clear cut should something happen to you. That is why most people have some sort of health care directive in place should the unexpected happen.


Irrevocable Trust

A little more complex than just a living trust and requires a little bit more planning since as the name implies it is irrevocable. But with guidance you can provide even more protection this way. Same as the living trust just with a little more asset protection.