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Structured Settlement Expert – Widely Recognized

PictureThe Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirksi a recognized Structured Settlement Expert in the Transfer of Structured Settlement Payments and Secondary Market Annuities (a.k.a. Pre-Issued, Pre-Owned, and Recycled Annuities). Put our Knowledge and experience to work for you.

We can assist in protecting your rights, either as a seller or as an investor. AnIndependent Professional Advisor Review could mean thousands of dollars. Consumer Protection Laws protect you if you know how to apply them.


In most states, there is specific language in the structured settlement protection acts as to your rights to an Independent Professional Advisor. Simply put it is an outside lawyer or adviser that works for the seller, to ensure the contracts are understood, rates are fair, and best interests are relevant. Some states are mandatory, some require the purchaser to pay, it is part of consumer protection.

Private Investors:

There is no specific language in the structured settlement protection acts as to your rights to an Independent Professional Advisor, but it does not exclude it either. In these cases, the end investor is typically just looking for some assurances that the factoring company has done all that it can to protect the assets in the future. This is important as to some of these assets do not start to pay for 10 – 15 years, and you need to make sure the paperwork is correct so you do not have to try to find the factoring company later.

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